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TEC Certificate

Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC Certificate)

TEC (Telecommunication Engineering Centre) TEC certificate is a mandatory certification required for the manufacture, import, or sale of telecommunications equipment in India. Here are some subtopics that further explain what TEC certification entails:

TEC Certification Process:

To obtain TEC certification, a manufacturer or importer must submit an application to TEC along with the required documents and fees. The application is then reviewed by TEC, and if the equipment meets the necessary standards, a certificate is issued.

T E C Certificate Standards:

T E C Certificate sets standards for telecommunications equipment and services in India. These standards cover aspects such as safety, quality, and performance. To obtain T E C certification, the equipment must comply with these standards.

Validity of TEC Certificate:

TEC certification is valid for a period of five years. After this period, the equipment must be recertified to continue to be sold in India.

Benefits of TEC Certification:

TEC certification ensures that the telecom equipment meets the necessary standards and is safe and reliable to use. It also helps to build trust and confidence in the product among customers and stakeholders.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Non-compliance with TEC standards and certification requirements can lead to penalties, fines, and even legal action. It can also damage a company’s reputation and lead to loss of business.

tec certificate
2-Wire Telephone Equipment
G3 Fax Machine
Cordless Telephone
ISDN Customer Premises Equipment
Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PON Family of Broadband Equipment
Feedback Devices
Transmission Terminal Equipment -1
Equipments Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Band
End Point Device for Environmental Monitoring
Repeater for Cellular Network
Base Station for Cellular Network
Compact Cellular Network
IoT Gateway
Tracking Device
Smart Electricity Meter
Mobile Radio Trunking System
Conferencing Equipment
HF Radio
VHF UHF Radio System Equipment
PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio Systems
Media Gateway
Signalling Gateway
Session Border Controller
DSL Equipments
Satellite Communication Equipment
LAN Switch
IP Security Equipment
Precision Timing Protocol Grand Master Equipment
Mobile Management Entity
Cell Broadcast Centre
IP Multimedia Conferencing Equipment
MSC or MSC-S or GMSC or GMSC-S including VLR
Infiniband Switch
OTA and DM or FOTA
OMC or EMS or NMS or OSS
S-GW or P-GW
Optical Fibre Cable
Optical Fibre (Single mode)
Radio Broadcast Receiver RBR
Transmission Terminal Equipment-2
  • Signatory Authorization
  • OEM Authorization
  • MOU
  • Shareholding Pattern
  • BOM
  • Non Applicability Proforma
  • Proforma seeking exemption

Timeline for Fresh Application:

  • For GCS Scheme: 12-14 weeks
  • For SCS Scheme: 3-4 weeks

Timeline for Modification: 2-3 weeks

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  • Portal Creation
  • Authorized Indian Representative Registration
  • Foreign Manufacturer Registration
  • BOM Submission
  • Application Fees Payment
  • Final Reports Submission
  • Issuance of Certificate